Crepe ready in 15 seconds

Look at the way our crepe machine functions! Make a half of meter long crepe in only 15 seconds.

Nutella, coconut flower, marmalade, chocolate, peanuts

Together with chocolate, make the crepe sweet by adding crushed cookies, coconut flour, marmalade or some other sweet delicacy.

Banana, cherry, orange

Add your favorite fruits to the crepe in order to reach the next level of taste.

Cheese, ham, mushrooms, sour cream, oregano

Crepes as a main dish instead of a dessert? No problem. Sour cream, cheese, ham and mushrooms make an excellent recipe.

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Technical Specifications

Machine dimensions

Length 75cm
95cm (including cart hand)
Width 26cm
Height 48 cm (including the dough container)
Weight 14kg

Crepe size (before rolling on the working board)

Length 48cm
Width 19cm
Or for restaurant desserts 2x24 cm
Crepe Machine Logo

3 Year Warranty.

Servicing is available even after the warranty expires.

Atest No. 265/19.12.1989
Atest No. 274-09/13 od 04.09.2013
Single phase connection 220 V; 1.9 kW

New: 110 V; Adopted for US market
Temperature is regulated through thermostat.

Crepe Making Process

Work process

Dough from the upper container flows through the cart. Move the cart to the left from ins initial position to the beginning of the working board. (Figure 1)

Open the cart using its handle and move it to the rightmost end of the machine (the initial position). Through this process, the cart is dropping and spreading a thin dough layer which shapes a crepe in the dimension limits of the heating board (cca 50 x 20 cm) Smaller dimension crepes can be made depending on the position we start and stop pulling the cart, or by making two small crepes out of the bigger one. The thickness of the dough layer can also be manipulated. (Figure 2.)

Crepes are baked only from one side, there is no need to flip the crepe to the second side. The crepe should be filled directly on the working board without first removing the crepe. This is made possible by machine’s design that helps to spread the constant temperature through the whole heating board. (Figure 3.)

The final crepe is rolled using a special crepe knife. The final product is similar to the crepe we are all familiar with from our own kitchens. However, our final crepe has a constant yellow-brown color similar to the one of the most beautiful roll cakes. (Figure 4.)

When the final crepe is rolled, put it on a previously prepared plate, piece of aluminum foil or disposable cardboard or plastic plate.

The maximum size crepe can be prepared in 20 seconds (including dough spreading, baking, filling, rolling and serving).

With this machine you can bake both sweet and savory crapes, pizzas and mini-pizzas. This is possible because the dough thickness can be regulated by elevating the working board. The recipe can also be modified to match the taste of pizzas and savory crepes.

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